College Publications:

  • “The Changing Face of Journalism” (Prof. Oscar de Noronha)
  • “Office of the Speaker”(Ph.D Thesis)Dr. Bibian Dias
  • “Bayala ani Kayade”(Prof. Sushila Mendes & Deepai Pai)
  • “Ankur” (Edited by Prof. Asha Mangutkar)
  • “ Sahityaprabha” (Edited by Dr.Ashok & Prof. Asha Mangutkar)
  • “SHODH” – The college Research Journal
  • “APARANT” – The college Magazine
  • A booklet highlighting 20 glorious years in sports(1986-2008)

Staff Publications:

Brenda Coutinho: (Department of English)

“A Matter of Time – Vignettes of a Golden Childhood in Goa”: Goa 1556 (2013)
The book entails a memoir full of simple episodes that might have been experienced by any child that grew up in a Goan village in the 1980’s. It gives a picture of how much the canvas of a Goan village has changed over the last few decades…. how the lifestyle has changed from simple rural living to a modern one….

Dr Rajay Pawar: (Department of Konkani)

  • “Pawasfullam”(Collection of Poems): Jait Prakashan(1995)
  • “Karbari Konkani” (Greeting Cards): Rajhauns Prakashan (1999) – Co-authored with Bhushan Bhave, Dr. Prakash Vazarikar and Prakash Paryenkar
  • “Anta Anta Shirimanta” (Drams): Goa Konkani Academy (2006)
  • “Amcho Hath Jagannath” (Drama): Sanika Production (2007)
  • “Darne Ka Naay” (Drama): Sanika Production (2008)
  • “Jamle Re Jamle” (Drama): Sanika Production 92009)
  • “Girmit” (Essays): Sanika Production (2009)
  • “Natak Eka Natakachem” (Drama): Sanika Production (2010)
  • “Tension Free” (Drama): Sanika Production (2013)

Prof. Asha Mangutkar: Department of Marathi

  • “N.B. Lekhasangrar” (Edited)
  • “Chandrawadi” (Edited)
  • “Gomantakiy Kavita”-2001(Edited)
  • “Sahitya Prabha” (Edited)
  • “Konkani Parichay: (Co-Author)

Dr.Ashok Mangutkar: Department of Marati

  • “Subhash Bhende Yanchaya Kadambarya” (Ph.D Thesis)
  • “Nilai” (Poems)
  • “Tarang” (Edited Poems)
  • “Gomantakiy Kavita” -2001 (Edited)
  • “Sahitya Prabha” (Edited)

Dr. Elizabeth Joey Henriques: Department of Economics

“ Self Help Groups and Women Empowerment”(2013) Co-authored with Dr. Rekha Gaonkar, this book published by traces the growth of SHGs in Goa and analysis the impact that these homogeneous groups have had on the socio-economic fabric of Goan society.

Dr. Reyna Sequeira: (Department of Sociology)

“As Dear as Salt”(2013) The book throws light on the current status of the traditional salt industry in Goa and the problems faced by those involved in this traditional occupation.

Dr. Remy Dias:Department of History

“Goa in the 20th Century” Pius Malekandathil (ed)/Remy Dias

Dr.Sushila A Sawant Mendes (2015) : (Department of History)

“LUIS DE MENEZES BRAGANZA” Nationalism, Secularism and Free-Thought in Portuguese Goa throws light on the contribution of Luis de Menezes Braganza to the history of Goa and his reactions to the three different historical phases in Goan history – The Constitutional Monarchy, the Republic and Salazar’s Estado Novo.