Bachelor of Science

Government College, Quepem offers 3 years undergraduate program in Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) affiliated to Goa University. Students who have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) examination conducted by the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in Commerce / Vocational stream or equivalent course subject to terms and conditions laid down by Goa University are eligible to offer the course. The course is spread across six semesters through a varied combination of subjects as given below:

  • Botany-Zoology-Geography
  • Botany-Zoology-Chemistry
  • Physics-Mathematics-Chemistry
  • Computer Science-Physics-Mathematics
  • Mathematics-Physics-Geography

Students offering B.Sc. will also study English, Communication Skills, Information technology, Environmental Studies etc. During semesters I through IV students will offer two papers each from the above combinations. During semester V and VI they will offer six papers from any one subject from the combination offered earlier. Also they have to carry out one project across semester V and VI. The semester wise detailed structure, eligibility criteria, fee structure are available in the prospectus.

The Bachelor of Science degree is one of the most pursued Degrees. Science degrees offer very specialized knowledge about certain subject areas, usually in one of the main science subjects. Bachelor of Science Degree Course is designed to develop graduates with the key practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge. The students are involved in completing pre-planned lab work based on text books and reading and adapting to well known theories. Bachelor of Science Degree is not meant for everybody. Bachelor of Science degree programs are meant for only those students who have a strong, broad background in Mathematics and the Sciences. The Bachelor of Science stimulates curiosity and promotes scientific discovery. Science is a global discipline. A degree in Science allows a person to work, study and travel all over the world.

Bachelor of Science Degree Jobs are mostly limited to scientific areas but the scenario is changing. With little training and skill one can one can work in a wide variety of non-scientific areas as well. Apart from Research and Government jobs, science graduates can also find jobs in Business, Agriculture and Poultry, Para medicals, Pathology, Forensics and Crime Research, Oceanography, Software development, Marketing, Chemical Industries, Laboratories, Education and Technical writing etc.