Co – Curricular Activities

The College has a variety of associations which cater to the diverse needs and talents of the students.

These associations/study circles/councils, etc. are managed by the staff and/or the students of the College.

The aim of these associations is to help in the all-round personality development of the students and provide a fora to bring to the forefront their hidden talents. It is our endeavor that every final year student be enriched not only with a degree but has cultivated by then qualities of leadership, fellowship, organisation, administration and social service so as to make him/her a more responsible citizen – to be better equipped for the future ahead.

Students Council

The College Students’ Council will comprise the elected representatives of the students, i.e. the Class Representatives, General Secretary, Sports Secretary, Lady Representatives, etc. Ordinarily only the C.Rs of the S.Y. and T.Y. classes can contest for the post of General Secretary (G.S.). In order to give opportunities to more students, a student will not ordinarily hold the post of G.S. of the Students Council beyond one Academic Year. The rules framed for the College elections are binding and these will be displayed on the Notice Board.

Any problem/difficulty of the students should be discussed in the College Students Council meetings and decisions be taken democratically. The council members are expected to co-operate with the College Authorities to help in the smooth functioning of the College. The Principal is the Ex-officio Chairman of this council. The Students’ Council must get all the activities approved by the Principal before they are implemented.

Sports Council

The College has a Sports Council, headed by the Director of Physical Education. Students are coached in the various sports activities, both indoor and outdoor. At the beginning of the year, the Sports Council conducts physical fitness programme for the interested students.

The gymkhana is well equipped and the students are provided with the necessary sports kit. The gymkhana facilities are open to all the students of this College. The Sports Council conducts various tournaments and activities, encouraging excellence in sports and fostering a spirit of sportsmanship among the students. The Annual Sports Meet is an important event of this College. Students have to adhere to the rules regarding the usage of the sports kits and materials. The rules of the gymkhana will be displayed on the College Sports Notice Board from time to time.

National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)

The N.S.S unit of this College was started during the academic year1989-90 with a strength of 110 students. The aims of the unit is to promote social service consciousness and sense of responsibility, dignity of labour and discipline among students. The unit undertakes programmes related to environment, health, national integration, etc. A special residential camp is held annually to encourage and promote the spirit of National Integration and Fellow – feeling among the students. Only a limited number of students will be admitted to this scheme every year.

National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.) Composite Army Unit

The N.C.C. Composite Army Unit was introduced in 1996 with 80 cadets (Girls & Boys Mixed Unit) and one Officer. The boys are trained in Foot Drill, Map Reading, Field and Battle Craft, Weapon Training, Signals, etc. The motto of NCC is ‘Unity and Discipline’. The training gives an exposure to the cadets to possible future career options in Defense Services. Cadets also get opportunities to participate in State Level, National Level and International Camps.

Apart from above unit the College has a N.C.C. unit for the Girls division separately, which gets a good response every year.

Kushawati Nature Club

The Club was started in 1995 to promote the spirit of adventure and environment friendly attitude in youth. The club received grants in the past from BAIF, Pune, IFFCO and Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of Goa for various environmental activities. The Club maintains a nursery of medicinal plants in the College Campus.

Publications Division

This association looks after the publication of the College Magazine ‘Aparant’. Our magazine provides a vast canvass to students interested in literature and other fields. It mirrors their creative outpourings and it is a matter of pride for us that ‘Aparant’ has bagged the BEST MAGAZINE AWARD and the V. N. KAMAT.

Trophy under the editorship of Miss Linda Maria Fernandes during the year 1993 and 1994.

The College has to its credit other noteworthy publications.

Associations and Study Circles

  1. Literary Study Circle
  2. History Study Circle
  3. Political Science Study Circle
  4. Economics Study Circle
  5. Sociology Study Circle
  6. Commerce Association
  7. Accounts Association
  8. Science Association

These are purely voluntary study circles/associations and students may join as many as they wish. The activities are conducted under the supervision of a teacher appointed by the Principal. A committee is constituted at the beginning of each Academic Year. Lectures, discussions, debates, symposia, seminars, exhibition, competitions and study tours are conducted by these study circles at periodic intervals. Other rules regarding these study circles/ associations are displayed on the notice board whenever necessary.


Saptrang is an Association for the promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among the youth which has been working in this College since last several years. The Association conducts atleast two programmes in a year.

Parent – Teachers Association (PTA)

This association was formed in December, 1996 with the objective of promoting better interaction between parents and teachers and to encourage greater involvement of parents in the smooth functioning of the College. Parents could also make important suggestions so as to promote students’ activities and curricula. Workshops are conducted for parents and eminent counsellors are invited to deliver talks.

The association has also published the first issue of its bulletin ‘Disha’. Every year the P.T.A. sponsors prizes to all students who secure distinction in the Science Faculty and First Class and above in the Arts and Commerce Faculties.

Personality Development Cell

In keeping with the Mission Statement of the College and in order to ensure the all-round development of our students, the Personality Development Cell organises various programmes. Trained resource persons are invited to interact with the student community and empower them with leadership skills, communication skills, art of public speaking, stress management techniques, etc.

Population – Education Club

This Cell creates awareness regarding various population related issues among College students and Staff and through them to the Community.

First Aid Cell

The College maintains a ready to use First-Aid kit for Students and Staff in case of emergency and also manages to send them for further medical attention.

Women’s Cell

The Women’s Cell attends to the issues related to women.

Counseling Cell

The College invites trained Counseling Personnel (psychiatrist or psychologist), to attend to the problems of students on a regular basis. Besides, our Staff Counselors are also available to address students’ concerns as and when required.